Monday, July 25, 2016

Tip review

    If you love going out to eat with friends and everyone  splits the bill this is the perfect tool! Especially if you have that one person that leaves you paying 90% of the tip and they toss in a dollar haaaa! Tip N Split is the perfect solution! Plus a great gift for CEO's to give their team players! Tip N split gives everyone the amount of their share of the tip and bill! Much better than the app on a phone as it has a magnifying glass and a LIGHT for those dark restaurants! It also has a nice case that is great to toss in your briefcase or purse or just to hang on your wrist. Tip n split sent us 3 plus a case to play with and we love them! These also can be useful if you are going in on a project example - In farming perhaps 4 people are buying cattle together and want to toss in an extra for the guy who traveled for the group or did the work. Clay got to be the tester on this one and loved it! Or you have a youth group and 17 kids all are going in on pizza. This is perfect for families, youth groups, businesses, clubs and more! SUPER EASY TO USE!  To learn more go to

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